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Finnish sauna has been a well-known healing method for centuries, where sweating preserves health and youthful appearance.

The sauna increases the blood circulation of the skin, joints and internal organs, accelerates blood flow, improves blood flow to the airways, cleanses pores and strengthens the skin and is a good preventative against flu and colds.

Sauna also has a positive effect on one's mood and mental well-being. An old Finnish proverb says, "In a sauna, anger evaporates and rage dries." A visit to the sauna is ideal in the evening, after a hard workout or day, as it represents an effective relaxation. After the sauna, we are exhausted and tired, so rest and sleep are recommended.
In order to increase the positive effects on our health and especially on the respiratory tract, in the sauna we pour whitened stones with aromatic oils of various medicinal herbs mixed in water.

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The power of hot water in the massage pool or. Jacuzzi is therapeutic in nature, raises body temperature, improves immune system, and also releases anti-stress by releasing endorphins. The warmth of the water combined with the massage action of the nozzles in the tub and the buoyancy of the water can help the body in its healing and overall well-being. Such a process of chronic pain management involves a healing technique called hydrotherapy. Muscles relieve tension and, as a result, significantly alleviate long-term pain. It also has a very beneficial effect on the skeletal system, the metabolism, thyroid function, improves the condition of the veins, increases the flow of lymph. Pleasant socializing and pampering in warm water simultaneously relaxes us and gives us new strength. The intimacy of private use gives you extra comfort and a reason for relaxation.